Alumnati – Alumni Association Network Portal


A user-friendly system that helps alumni easily connect and manage there activities. It has a nice design and strong security, including Two-Factor Authentication for extra safety. Alumni can sign up and get approved by submitting the necessary documents, which allows them to join the alumni community. They can share updates and talk with other alumni in the community hub. Planning events is made simple with automatic ticketing using QR codes and barcodes. The system can work with different languages and currencies and keeps everyone informed through email notifications. Security is important, and administrators can easily control the system with a powerful dashboard. There are also features for flexible membership plans, posting job listings, one-to-one private messages, tracking transactions, and using different payment options. Overall, It makes alumni engagement and management easy and comprehensive.

Unique Features:

• Alumni Registration with Document Submission
• Alumni Application Review System
• Alumni Community Hub with Post, Like, and Comment Features
• Event Planning and Management
• Automatic Event Ticket Generation and Download
• Event Ticket Validation with QR Code and Barcode
• Attractive Design
• Advanced Alumni Search Functionality
• Notice Board
• Membership System
• Flexible Membership Plans
• News Updates
• Job Posting Platform
• Private one to one Messaging System
• Social Login Integration
• Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) via Google Authenticator
• Multilingual Support
• Multi-Currency Compatibility
• Robust Admin Dashboard
• User Profile Management
• Enhanced Security Features
• Transaction Tracking and Management
• Support for Multiple Payment Gateways
• Dynamic Email and Notification System
• Additional Advanced Features
• & Many more…


Alumni Registration with Document Submission: During registration, alumni can upload necessary documents or credentials to validate their identity.

Alumni Application Review System: Administrators can review and approve alumni registrations, ensuring data accuracy and authenticity.

Alumni Community Timeline: The Alumni Community Hub enables alumni to post updates, like, and comment on each other’s content, fostering engagement and connections within the alumni community.

Membership System: Administrators can efficiently manage alumni memberships, including status, expiration, and benefits.

Flexible Membership Plan:Admin-Controlled Flexible Alumni Memberships” allows administrators to create and oversee various membership options for alumni, providing flexibility and choice while simplifying management.

Event Planning and Management: Users can create and manage alumni events, including details such as date, time, location, and registration.

Automatic Event Ticket Generation and Download: The system can automatically generate event tickets for registered users, which can be downloaded and printed.

Event Ticket Validation with QR Code and Barcode: Tickets include QR codes and barcodes for efficient event check-in and verification.

Advanced Alumni Search Functionality: Users can search for fellow alumni using various filters such as graduation year, location, and more.

Announcement Board: Administrators can post important notices and updates to inform alumni about news and events.

News Updates: Users can access the latest news related to the alumni community or other relevant topics.

Job Posting Platform: Employers can post job openings, and alumni can search and apply for positions through the system.

Private Messaging System: Users can communicate privately through a built-in messenger system.

Attractive Design: The system offers an eye-catching and user-friendly design to enhance user engagement.

Social Login Integration: Users can easily log in using their social media accounts, simplifying the registration and login process.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) via Google Authenticator: Adds an extra layer of security to user accounts by requiring a time-based, one-time code generated by Google Authenticator.

Multilingual Support: The system supports multiple languages, allowing users to choose their preferred language for the interface.

Multi-Currency Compatibility: Transactions and payments can be conducted in various currencies to accommodate users from around the world.

Robust Admin Dashboard: Administrators have access to a powerful dashboard for efficient management of users, content, and system settings.

Profile Management: Alumni can easily update and manage their profiles, including personal and career information.

Enhanced Security Features: Administrators can implement and manage security measures to safeguard user data and the system.

Transaction Tracking and Management: Alumni can monitor and manage their financial transactions, such as membership dues and event payments.

Support for Multiple Payment Gateways: The system offers multiple payment options, ensuring secure financial transactions.

Dynamic Email and Notification System: Users receive timely email notifications for important updates, events, and messages.

Customizable Email Templates: Administrators can customize email templates for various notifications and communications sent to alumni.

Additional Advanced Features: The system includes a range of additional functionalities to enhance the overall alumni management experience.

Additional information

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Happy Jobs

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Laravel, MySQL, Java, Android, iOS

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Cloud Linux