Quizoid – Real Money Quiz Game/App with Admin Panel


With more fun, more advanced security, more advanced design with the most innovative online quiz where you can participate in live quizzes, battel quizzes & contests + many more which you have to answer correctly to win the cash prize.

Beautiful & Well Designed Layout

It is made with key principles of a beautiful, effective, and simple-to-use UI design + Lottie animation, shimmer effect & material component theme.

Math’s Quiz

Supports symbols that are used when creating Math with LaTeX type quiz!

Learning Zone

A fun way to Learn – Read a Comprehensive study and answer all questions based on Comprehension.

Quiz Zone

You’ll get access to all Quiz Zone filters by Category/Subcategory and Level-wise Questions.

Group Battle

Battle Zone: Group battle can be played with friends by creating and sharing room code.

1 Vs 1 Battle

Battle Zone: 1 vs 1 battle will give a chance to challenge online players for Battle.

Random Battle

It will allow to challenge any online user for a Quiz battle.

Contest Play

Quiz Contest is the most powerful tool to win lucrative prices via knowledge.

Daily Quiz

Play Zone: It will help you to get more engaged with customers on daily basis.

True | False

Play Zone: True / False Questions Format to provide a way to test knowledge and inspire critical thinking without the effort quickly.

Random Quiz

Play Zone: Random mode of quiz it be will get random questions from all categories/database

Self Challenge Quiz

Play Zone: You will get a chance to challenge yourself by setting your own

  • Categories
  • Subcategories
  • No of Questions
  • Timer

Practice Quiz

Play Zone: Practice mode helps new players to familiarize themselves with the game before fully getting into it.

In-App Purchase

Coin Store: Beneficial for both, users can get bulk coins & developers will get profit despite giving the basic app itself away for free

User Statistics

Rank, Coins, Score, Attended Questions, Correct Answers, Incorrect Answers

Custom Leaderboard

Custom Leaderboard filter by Daily Monthly & All (Yearly)

Other Screens

Apart from the above features, You will get this Beautiful App Screens as well.

Powerful Admin Panel

Powerful admin panel to manage all quiz Operations, Quiz Data, Users Statistics & Facts

Manage Questions

You can create quiz data with all possible options like Category, Sub-Category, Language, True/False, etc.

Daily Quiz

You can create a daily quiz based on day occasion from the existing database by using filter options by Searching Text, Category, Sub-Category & Language


You can create and manage the Content with Image, Start / End Date, and Entry Fee Points With Winner Reward.

System Setting for App

To make it a more dynamic app you will get all possible Configuration Settings like to Enable / Disable Language Mode, Quiz Battle Setting, Option E Enable / Disable, Force Update App Enable / Disable, and many more.

Additional information



Software Framework

Core PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Native Java, Android

Hosting Space


Hosting Server

Cloud Linux