WriteTalent – SAAS OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Voice, Chat, Code, Transcript, and Video Generator


A powerful SaaS platform that allows create your AI SaaS Business in just minutes. Your subscribers will be able to use sophisticated OpenAI Artificial Intelligence technology to generate various Text Contents, Blog Posts, Long Articles, Ads, Media Content and so much more in more than 53 languages using latest GPT-3.5-Turbo, GPT-4 models. Potentials of what your subscribers can generate is basically endless.

Users can also generate AI Images just by describing the image via OpenAI DALL-E-2 / DALL-E-3 / DALL-E-3 HD and Stable Diffusion (by Stability.ai) solutions. This AI has a powerful backend admin panel that allows you to control what kind of OpenAI Models (GPT4 Turbo, GPT4 Vision, GPT4, GPT3 Turbo) you want to allow for each user groups. AI Code feature is also available, users can generate code in any programming language with the help of the AI.

Our interactive AI Chat Bot system will allows your users to ask any questions and get any result as they prefer and come with 42 AI Chat Bot Assistants to use by default, just like ChatGPT platform, plus your users can create Unlimited Chat Bots with the help of the new OpenAI Assistant feature. Users can also create a transcription of audio and video files with the Speech to Text feature via the OpenAI Whisper model.

On top of the features above, your users can also generate AI Voiceovers with more than 1700 Voices and 150 Languages and Dialect, combine up to 20 Voices from different TTS vendors in a single task, and synthesize text up to 100K characters. All powered by leading cloud service providers: ElevenLabs OpenAI TTS Microsoft AzureAWS Polly and Google Cloud Platform. You can also create granular subscription plans that will include precise models to use and plenty of additional features. Its writing assistant capability fits into any business and helps to save ton of time. Start your personal SaaS business within minutes today!

For all Prepaid and Lifetime plans you can also accept Bitcoin | Bitcoin Cash | Ethereum | USD Coin | Litecoin | Dogecoin | Dai cryptocurrencies via Coinbase gateway.


  1. Set any of OpenAI Models as needed (GPT4 Turbo/Vision (128K), GPT4 (8k/32k), GPT 3.5 Turbo (16k))
  2. Anthropic Claude 3 (Opus, Sonnet, Haiku) models supported
  3. Google Gemini Pro model supported
  4. Support for OpenAI DALL-E-2 / DALL-E-3 / DALL-E-3 HD to generate AI Images
  5. Support for Stable Diffusion 3 to generate AI Images
  6. Support for Generating Text in 53 Languages
  7. Unlimited Custom Template creation feature
  8. Unlimited Custom AI Chat Bots creation feature
  9. Real Time Internet access feature
  10. Fine Tuning Models feature
  11. AI Article Wizard feature
  12. Smart Editor feature
  13. AI ReWriter feature
  14. AI Vision feature
  15. AI Video (Extension) feature
  16. Brand Voices feature
  17. Voice Cloning (Extension) feature
  18. Sound Studio (Extension) feature
  19. AI Plagiarism Checker (Extension) feature
  20. AI Content Detector (Extension) feature
  21. AI File Chat feature (Supports Word/PDF/CSV)
  22. AI Web Chat feature
  23. AI Speech to Text feature
  24. AI Text to Speech feature with 1700 Voices and 150 Languages (Azure & AWS & GCP & OpenAI & ElevenLabs)
  25. AI Chat Assistants feature with 42 Different Bots
  26. Available 75 Prebuilt Templates (More to Come Soon):
    • Blog Titles
    • Blog Section
    • Blog Ideas
    • Blog Intros
    • Blog Conclusion
    • Facebook Ads
    • Article Generator
    • Content Rewriter
    • Paragraph Generator
    • Talking Points
    • Pros & Cons
    • Summarize Text
    • Product Description
    • Startup Name Generator
    • Product Name Generator
    • Meta Description
    • FAQs
    • FAQ Answers
    • Testimonials/Reviews
    • Problem-Agitate-Solution
    • Video Descriptions
    • Video Titles
    • Youtube Tags Generator
    • Instagram Captions
    • Instagram Hashtags Generator
    • Social Media Post (Personal)
    • Social Media Post (Business)
    • Facebook Headlines
    • Google Ads Headlines
    • Google Ads Description
    • Academic Essay
    • Welcome Email
    • Cold Email
    • Follow up Email
    • Creative Stories
    • Grammar Checker
    • Summarize for 2nd Grader
    • Video Scripts
    • Amazon Product Description
    • Text Extender
    • Rewrite with Keywords
    • Song Lyrics
    • Business Ideas
    • LinkedIn Posts
    • Company Bio
    • Email Subject Lines
    • Product Benefits
    • Selling Product Titles
    • Product Comparisons
    • Product Characteristics
    • Twitter Tweets
    • TitTok Video Scripts
    • LinkedIn Ad Headlines
    • LinkedIn Ad Descriptions
    • App and SMS Notifications
    • Tone Changer
    • Amazon Product Features
    • Dictionary
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Clickbait Titles
    • Company Press Release
    • Brand/Product Press Release
    • Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA) Framework
    • Before–After–Bridge (BAB) Framework
    • Promise–Picture–Proof–Push (PPPP) Framework
    • Brand Names
    • Ad Headlines
    • Newsletter Generator
  27. AI Code Feature
  28. Control Text Result Lengths
  29. Team Members Management Feature
  30. Convert any Template to Professional Category
  31. WYSIWYG Editor
  32. Combine up to 20 voices on single synthesize task
  33. Synthesize text up to 100K characters in length
  34. Export results in PDF, Word and Text documents
  35. Set Templates as Favorite
  36. Various Cloud Storage Solutions:
    • Amazon S3 Buckets
    • Google Cloud Storage Buckets
    • Storj Cloud
    • Wasabi Cloud
    • Dropbox
  37. Control Template Category Access per User Group/Subscription Plan
  38. Control AI Chat Bot Category Access per User Group/Subscription Plan
  39. OpenAI Assistant v2 feature
  40. Dynamically change models as needed during runtime
  41. Google 2FA Authentication
  42. Google Adsense Support
  43. Email Newsletter Support
  44. Openai Multi API Feature
  45. Stable Diffusion Multi API Feature
  46. Sensitive Words Filtering Feature
  47. Use Personal Private API key for OpenAI
  48. Use Personal Private API key for Stable Diffusion
  49. Live Chat with Tawk.to Feature
  50. Monitor User Spendings and Balance
  51. Promocode feature for Prepaid and Lifetime plans
  52. Full Affiliate/Referral system
  53. Fully Responsive Interface
  54. Create Prepaid Plans
  55. Create Monthly Subscription Plans
  56. Create Yearly Subscription Plans
  57. Create Lifetime Subscription Plans
  58. 13 Included Payment Gateways:
    • Paypal (Online) (Prepaid/Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime)
    • Stripe (Online) (Prepaid/Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime)
    • Razorpay (Online) (Prepaid/Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime)
    • Paystack (Online) (Prepaid/Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime)
    • BankTransfer (Offline) (Prepaid/Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime)
    • Mollie (Online) (Prepaid/Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime)
    • Flutterwave (Online) (Prepaid/Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime)
    • Paddle Classic (Online) (Prepaid/Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime)
    • Yookassa (Online) (Prepaid/Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime)
    • Braintree (Online) (Prepaid/Lifetime)
    • Midtrans (Online) (Prepaid/Lifetime)
    • Coinbase (Online) (Prepaid/Lifetime)
    • Iyzico (Online) (Prepaid/Lifetime)
  59. Closely Monitor Monthly & Yearly Incomes
  60. Fully Ready to go SaaS Platform
  61. Dark Mode
  62. Powerful Admin Panel
  63. Developed with PHP 8.1 and Laravel 9.1
  64. Detailed and Comprehensive Documentation
  65. One Click Update Feature
  66. 6 Month Support Included

AI Tools


Unleash the power of our cutting-edge AI Text Editor, seamlessly integrated with content generation tools. Choose from a vast selection of templates and effortlessly refine your content all in one place. Experience the efficiency and innovation of our Advanced AI Text Editor as you craft your masterpieces with ease. Let our technology revolutionize the way you create content, saving you time and enhancing your productivity. Join the future of content creation today.


Create long articles with our 4 step AI Article Wizard, that let’s you create outlines for each section of the article/blog, generate image based on your article with the help of Dalle or Stable Diffusion all with just a few clicks and short description.


AI Templates revolutionizes the process of creating top-tier content effortlessly. Our innovative platform allows users to effortlessly generate high-quality texts with just a few clicks, saving time and effort. With a user-friendly interface and advanced features, crafting, editing, exporting, and publishing AI-generated content has never been easier.


Revamp your content effortlessly with just one click! Elevate and transform your existing material effortlessly, giving it a fresh and polished look. Let our tool do all the hard work for you, making your content stand out and shine like never before. Try it now and see the impressive results for yourself.


Leverage the power of our Chat bots that allows you to get instant answer to any of your questions. Find the latest news, information on any subject you want in a matter of seconds with the help of AI Chat Bots.


Enhance your images with Dalle and Stable Diffusion from AI. Upgrade from ordinary to professional-quality images for web design, advertising, and social media. Elevate your brand and captivate your audience with cutting-edge technology of AI.


Transform your still images into captivating videos with smooth transitions and top-notch editing using AI. With just a few clicks, you can upload your photos and let our advanced technology do the work, creating a dynamic video story that is ideal for sharing on social media, in presentations, or as personal mementos. Effortlessly produce visually stunning videos that will leave a lasting impact on your audience. Say goodbye to static images and hello to engaging videos that showcase your creativity and style. Elevate your content with professional-quality editing and seamless transitions, all at your fingertips with AI.


Revolutionize your coding experience – the ultimate tool for accelerating, simplifying, and optimizing your coding journey. Whether you’re a coding veteran or just starting out, our innovative technology will empower you to streamline your projects and bring your ideas to life faster than ever before.


Elevate your content with our cutting-edge AI voice technology. Whether it’s a compelling commercial or a captivating narration, AI will breathe life into your words. Compatible with major platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP, Elevenlabs, and OpenAI, our seamless delivery and natural intonation set us apart. Choose from a diverse selection of more than 1700 voices and 150 languages and dialects.


It allows you to clone your own voice, re-train it and use it to synthesize your own text and merge it with other vendor voices to produce a single audio output. You can use your own voice to convert text to audio in 27 different languages.


Advanced Sound Studio feature of AI allows you to add any background audio to your text to speech results, merge audio results between each other in any order and in any capacity with just one click. You can fine tune the backend audio voice speed and loudness all in one place with a user friendly interface.


Accurately transcribe your audio files in various formats (mp3, mp4, mpeg, mpga, m4a, wav, webm) to text with the help of AI easily in just minutes. We allows to transcribe audio in more than 25 languages.


Get detailed insights from your uploaded images with the help of AI, identify contents, semantics of your target images with AI.


Upload your Word, PDF, CSV files to get useful insights from your documents such as summary, analysis of entire documents.


Share a web link with us and witness our chatbot unravel its contents with astute analysis. Our intelligent companion is adept at providing relevant insights and opinions, sparking engaging conversations tailored to your interests. Let our chatbot impress you with its ability to delve into the material and offer compelling perspectives. Trust in our technology to deliver a truly enlightening experience.


Seamlessly generate and craft a diverse array of images without ever leaving your chat environment.


Our cutting-edge technology swiftly scours through countless online platforms to uncover any traces of plagiarism or duplicate content, presenting you with precise links to the original sources. Trust our advanced scanning system to ensure the authenticity and originality of your work.


Utilize AI to thoroughly examine any text for AI-generated content. By cross-referencing against a comprehensive online database, you can quickly determine if the writing in question is human or machine-generated. Paste your text, await the scan results, and be confident in the accuracy of the findings. Experience the ease and efficiency of AI in detecting AI-generated content within seconds.


Expand your responses beyond OpenAI archives. With AI, you can now conduct real-time web searches and receive up-to-date search results from Google.


Revamp your content with ease by starting from scratch or making quick edits with just a few clicks. No need to stress over making changes to your documents, even after they’ve been finalized. Our innovative tools make it simple to create new content or fine-tune existing material, ensuring your message is always on point. Trust in our platform to effortlessly enhance your work, no matter where you are in the content creation process.


Unleash your creativity with AI – the ultimate tool for customizing your GPT model. By uploading your own data, you can effortlessly enhance and personalize your AI-generated content in just seconds. Take control of your results and elevate your projects to the next level with AI.


Let your subscribers generate their own custom chat assistants using OpenAI’s latest innovation which allows you to train your chat assistants using more than 50 different file formats in a comprehensive and user friendly environment.


Let your subscribers enjoy creating their own custom templates as they prefer with including dynamic fields such as select, checkbox and switch fields. With the help of AI they can create virtually unlimited custom templates based on their preferences.


Create unlimited prompts for your chat bots that can be used by all your subscribers to save up time while interacting with your or custom built chat bots.


Experience the power of AI, where cutting-edge technology allows you to witness each letter being displayed in real-time. Say goodbye to waiting around for the AI to generate the output – with AI, you can enjoy instant results without any delays.


Let AI be your brand’s memory bank, effortlessly capturing and preserving your unique identity with just one input. With Brand Voice, your distinct voice shines through flawlessly, saving you time and guaranteeing consistency in all your content. Trust AI to keep your brand on point, every time.


AI allows your users to invite their colleagues and collaborators to join a team and maximize the benefits of AI. They can share their credits with their team members, work on common documents and control to which AI features his team members have access to user common credits.


Leverage various cloud storage solutions to free up space on your server storages and minimize the latency for user generated content. Use Amazon S3, Storj, Cloudflare R2, Wasabi, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage and many more to offload the images, audio contents, etc.


Securely process credit cards, debit cards, bank transfe or other electronic payment methods such as Stripe, Paypal, Mollie, Flutterwave, Braintree, 2Checkout, Paddle, RazorPay, Yookassa, Iyzico, Coinbase and Paystack. With Coinbase you can receive payments in: Bitcoin | Bitcoin Cash | Ethereum | USD Coin | Litecoin | Dogecoin | Dai and many other crypto currencies.


All-new plan builder offers advanced options fully control included features, allocated credits and let you fully control your pricing and cost of services.


AI supports free, prepaid, subscription, or lifetime-based pricing as well as a free trial so that your customers can try your AI services before purchasing the right plan.


Unlock the power of a dynamic dashboard that provides real-time insights, analytics, and user activity monitoring at your fingertips. Take control of your website with ease by managing site settings effortlessly. Stay ahead of the game with this indispensable tool that empowers you to make informed decisions and drive success.


With the Google 2-Factor Authentication, you can enhance the security of your user accounts which provides more confidence in the seriousness of your SaaS business and it is security aspects.


Seamlessly integrated into AI, you can now effortlessly create, customize, and distribute captivating newsletters to your audience


With our innovative approach and commitment to excellence, we set the standard for top-tier performance in the industry. Trust in our proven track record and state-of-the-art solutions to elevate your business to new heights. Experience the power of our rock-solid structure and next-generation technologies, and witness the difference for yourself.


Earn additional stream of income by displaying Google Ads on your homepage.


Unlock the power of influence by inviting your friends to join and setting up affiliate rules. Earn commissions from their very first purchase. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to maximize your earnings and grow your network. Start building your empire today and watch as your commissions soar.


Frontend Editor allows you to edit the site content easily. Simply select the section you want to edit and update the content. That’s it!


Experience the simplicity and ease of our WYSIWYG editor. Create and edit content effortlessly with our intuitive WYSIWYG interface.

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